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Beauty Cottage Sdn. Bhd.

Supplier of Top of the range Professional Skin Care Products and provides Professional Training

Beauty Cottage Sdn. Bhd. is our marketing and product training centre. Our products have received giant success in the market as well-known saloon care products for many years. Besides, we also conduct after sale services, which our beauty care specialists will help you to solve the problems that you may face during treatment.

We also have our own brands available in our company:


Beauty Cottage – The Complete Range for Smart Beautician

BEAUTY COTTAGE Salon Care Products consist of a complete range of products for Professional Salon Treatment from Face to Toe. It provides the most essential range of products for facial, body and spa. Enriched with special Aloe Vera Essence from the US and other quality ingredients, BEAUTY COTTAGE Skin, Body & Spa care are of the finest quality, effective, safe and yet affordable skin care range. All our product range does not contain alcohol (ethanol), chemical medicines, parabens preservatives, mineral oil, silicone oil, petrolatum, lanolin or other mammalian additives. Thus, it is the Smartest Choice for Professional Beauticians.


FDF – Natural Beverage Premix for Ultimate Skin Beauty & Health

FDF skin care is developed utilizing the latest technologically advanced fruit extract ingredients to deliver result-oriented formulations that provide optimum benefits. The essences obtained from the different fruits provide anti-oxidant, skin renewing, lightening, purifying, nourishing and many other multi functional benefits. It helps to repair and correct major skin problems such as dehydrated skin, skin blemishes, oily and acne-prone skin, uneven skin tone, dark spots, aging skin and wrinkles; ensuring your skin always stays radiant, refreshed and resilient. This revolutionary and distinctive cutting edge formulation has been clinically demonstrated to be safe and effective.

Tropical Rainforest Regime Banner


The tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia is the world’s oldest forest. It has unique natural landscape with a wide variety of flora and fauna, which is also a treasure trove of natural resources. For centuries, humans have been greatly dependent on this natural warehouse for their survival, not only as a source of food supply, but also as natural medicine for relief of sickness and promotion of physical health, while women use these natural resources to maintain their youthful beauty.

RAINFOREST REGIME – Nurture from Nature

Our Rainforest Regime range of premium coffee is a perfect blend of top quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from best practices high end growers and are then passionately roasted under strict temperature control to give you that extra oomph and distinctive flavour.


Vitaderma – Leading Brand in Vitamin Skin Care

VITADERMA is specially formulated from high quality vitamins by advanced technology in order to stabilize, maintain and optimise the skin’s lipid balance and reinforces its natural protection system. Besides its patented powerful vitamins, this range of products also contain other essential substances such as botanic extracts that are clinically demonstrated to deliver you assured results, restoring and rejuvenating your skin to its natural youthful radiance and suppleness.


Celtec – The Unique answer to perfect skin by Stem Cell Technology.

Celtec present to you a full range of effective skin care products developed with cutting-edge technologies devoted to cell culture. Harnessing stem cells from Criste Marine (sea fennel) found in Brittany Coast, France, combined with other active essences enables Celtec products to transform you with a fairer, brighter, smoother and younger looking skin.


OEM & ODM Products

OEM: Own Employment Manufacturer manufactures products or components that are purchased by a company and retailed under the purchasing company’s brand name.
ODM: Own Development Manufacturer is a manufacturer which designs and manufacturers a product which is specified and eventually branded by the purchasing company.


Skin Beautifying Essentials For Ultimate Skin Beauty & Health

Natural Functional Beverage Premix contains all natural ingredients extracted from fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs as well as marine collagen and milk. This natural “oral cosmetic” provides nutrition and essential substances to your skin, restoring the skin beauty from within. It also promotes good body health condition as all its natural food ingredients are safe, without any side effects.