About Us


e-beauty group is one of the most prominent manufacturer and supplier of professional Beauty Line in Malaysia. Our internationally recognised Standard of GMP Manufacturing Facilities is among the best in Malaysia, producing a full range of Professional Saloon Care Products of the finest Quality and High Efficacy. Our products are guaranteed safe and are in compliance with the Government Regulations.

Our team of doctors begun their research in Professional Skin Treatment products in the 80s before a specialised team helmed by Professor Qu (Dermatologist) and Dr Zhang G.S (medical Cosmetologist) combined their more than 50 years’ experience to formally establish the company in 1996 in Malaysia. Since then, e-beauty Group have received numerous accolades including the International Award for Inventions & New Techniques, Geneva Switzerland and International Award for Technology & Quality, Geneva Switzerland. These awards bears testament to our excellence in Professional R & D and cutting edge technology manufacturing processes.

Associated companies of e-beauty Group, Q & Z Cosmetic Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd., e-beauty Group Sdn. Bhd., Q & Z Food & Supplement Industry Sdn. Bhd. and Beauty Cottage Sdn. Bhd. are conceived to cater for different concepts and market needs. Our mission is to provide World class Products, with a trusted excellent brand of proven and assured efficacy.