We are the best partner for all beauty entrepreneurs. With our rigorous scientific approach, professional experience and the finest and purest ingredients from all over the world, we are able to formulate and manufacture some of the finest and the most effective skin care products available. We provide customized private brand manufacturing service including OEM, ODM, OBM, R&D, design, printing, packaging and consultation.

ConsultationIf you are a new entrant to the market, no worries at all. Based on our marketing research, network and experience, we will work closely with you to come out with a better end product.
Research & DevelopmentWe are specialists in manufacturing products for skin problem treatments, such as skin lightening, de-pigmentation, anti-acne, anti-wrinkles/aging, skin lifting/firming, skin-renewing/peeling/repairing, oily/dry/sensitive skin care, UV/sun care, eye skin care, body slimming, body whitening, bust care, SPA products, body fitness, and others. Thus, we have a wide database to provide a constructive and stable formulation for you or based on your requirement.
RegistrationWe apply certificates for your products to boost trust & credibility. We provide registration services such as MSC Trustgate Token and NOT (NPRA).
Manufacturee-Beauty Group operates a cGMP compliant manufacturing facility, using cutting-edge technological equipment to produce the latest in skin, body, and specialty hair care products. Our climate-controlled factory provides the highest quality OEM manufacturing services. We provide the services of complete bulk manufacturing, filling, artwork, packing and shipping, and storage functionality. Our on-site laboratory allows us to create innovative formulations, as well as observe the highest quality control and product testing standards.
Distribution / LogisticsYou can choose to deliver finished products to your distribution network or to your specified addresses. We will carry out quality testing and checking of the products before delivery to our customers.
Import & ExportWe are experienced in exporting to more than 20 countries worldwide.