The Concept

The tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia is the world’s oldest forest. It has unique natural landscape with a wide variety of flora and fauna, which is also a treasure trove of natural resources. For centuries, humans have been greatly dependent on this natural warehouse for their survival, not only as a source of food supply, but also as natural medicine for relief of sickness and promotion of physical health, while women use these natural resources to maintain their youthful beauty.

Main Ingredients

Palm Fruit
Aloe Vera


Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
Firm & smooth the skin
Promote the softness & suppleness
For radiant & youthful looking

The Stars


Specially formula to help correcting skin fine lines and wrinkles with natural anti-oxidants. Firm and smooth the skin, promote the skin softness and suppleness. Leave to you a radiant and youthful looking.

Usage: Apply this product onto cleansed face evenly and gently, especially on wrinkles areas. Morning and night.


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